Slow down and retreat to a haven of pure relaxation. Marvel at
the panoramic view of the city.
Olman's View Resort is
uniquely situated
with a cliff side view of Bohol's Tagbilaran
Harbour - moments from the beach, downtown shopping, Loboc
River and the historic Baclayon Church.
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We can provide you with transportation to Bohol's major attractions.
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Tarsier - World's Smallest Monkey
The Tarsier is the world's smallest monkey.
You can find them in Bohol's Loboc River
and at the Sanctuary in Corella.
Rest and unwind with us at Olman's
View Resort.
Dolphins! Watch and cheer these fun loving
mammals jump up and down the waters by
Pamilacan, Bohol.
Scuba diving in Bohol's beautiful diving sites
can take you to a world of serenity and
calm. Enjoy nature underwater.
Chocolate Hills, a world famous natural
wonder. You must stop by to admire this
spectacular site!